Lifting Equipment – What Is It Commonly Made From?

March 31, 2021 by No Comments

Lifting equipment is commonly used on construction sites across the United States as well as the whole world. With lifting objects playing a huge part in the world of construction. But, we don’t really know much about lifting equipment, only what it is used for. So, let’s have a deeper look into lifting equipment and see what materials they are commonly made from!

Polyester is one material that is commonly used to create lifting equipment. This material is generally used for lifting equipment that is being used on smaller projects. For example, projects that require minimal lifting needed. With the lifting that is taking place being for objects that are lower in weight.

Another commonly used material is rope. Similarly to polyester, this is best to be used for smaller projects. This is not the strongest of materials but it works well for lighter weighted items. It is also much cheaper to purchase making it more cost-effective for smaller businesses.

Wire Rope
This is exactly the same as normal rope, apart from the fact it is made from metal wire. Due to the material of the rope changing it can handle higher amounts of weight. It will be able to lift larger quantities of materials, making it better for larger jobs. As it is made in the rope style, you may find that it frays quicker than the final material.

The final material is metal. This is possibly the best material for lifting equipment. With it being strong and hard wearing it will work wonders for your construction company for years to come. It is able to withstand large amounts of weight, making it the perfect material for larger projects. This is more expensive, but you will be paying extra for the added quality of the material that is being used for the piece of lifting equipment.

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