Heights – What’s Needed For Safe Working?

February 26, 2021 by No Comments

Working from heights is common in construction. With many people be unaware of the safety precautions and tools needed to ensure you and other workers are all safe whilst working from heights. Today, we are going to share with you some tools you can use to keep yourself safe when working at a height.

Safety Harnesses
There are many different types of safety harnesses that you can purchase and use to help to keep you safe when working from heights. Some of the more common types of safety harnesses that can be offered to you include:

One-point safety harness. This is a more simple and affordable type of safety harness, with there only being one point where you connect to your safety structure. These provide you protection with less hassle. The main safety point on this harness can be found on the rear.

Three-Point safety harness. This type of harness is a more complex version of the one-point safety harness. Where you will be connected to safety equipment three times rather than one. Offering you more safety with a more complex design. The connection points are on the waist, chest, and rear.

Electricians Harness. This, as the name suggests, is the perfect harness for electricians working at great heights. With some areas being made out of insulated metals. It helps to ensure no electric currents can be passed through it.

Height safety helmets are another important height safety equipment. With them being made with a hard shell yet soft padding inside, your head will be protected yet comfortable. These will protect you from any falling objects or collisions when working from a height. Prevent any serious injuries.

These are some of the main safety equipment that you should consider purchasing from a safety equipment store near you. Keeping yourself and other workers safe when working at heights.

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