Electric or Manual Chain Hoist

April 30, 2021 by No Comments

Two of the most commonly used chain hoists across the world are electric and manual chain hoists. Both of these options come with their own benefits and disadvantages. Today, we are going to discuss both of these with you, helping you to decide which option will be the best for your business.

Electric Chain Hoists

As the name would suggest, an electric chain hoist is simply a chain hoist that is powered by electricity. Now, the main benefit of this type of chain hoist is the service it provides. It allows you to lift equipment effortlessly. With a simple press of a button powering the hoist, making it less effort for the human to power. This type of hoist is also able to lift higher weight goods as you are not limited to the amount of strength the human can add.

However, an electric chain hoist, it is using electricity. This does mean that it will cost more money to run and is not as good for the environment as other options. With it using large amounts of electricity to power every time it is being used. So yes, it does make the lifting easier, but it will make your business have a larger impact on the environment.

Manual Chain Hoists

As the name suggests, this type of chain hoist uses manual power to lift equipment. Now, the main benefit of this is that you are fully in control of the hoist. You can manually stop the hoist from moving at any moment, making it easier to prevent injuries. It is also much better for the environment and cost-effective as you are not using any electrical power.

However, you are limited to the amount of weight you can lift with this hoist. They also take more effort for your workers to use, but they do help to build your workers strength through lifting equipment.